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Re: Latest acquisition!

My most recent acquisitions include...

These Are the Voyages: TOS: Season One Expanded and Revised Edition by Marc Cushman. I already had the original edition, so when I saw how cheap the ebook of the revised version was, I went for that. People will be going back to these books for years to come.

Star Trek: Creating the Enterprise by Paul Olsen. Olsen worked on the TMP Enterprise. He sent me a copy of the ebook a while back, but now there's a print edition, so I bought one.

New Life and New Civilizations: Exploring Star Trek Comics
, edited by Joseph Berenato. Looking forward to this one. After I finish the above Cushman book (and then maybe Chris Taylor's How Star Wars Conquered the Universe) I'll be reading this one.

Fun With Kirk and Spock by Robb Pearlman. Reminded me of the primers Mad Magazine used to do way back when.

Some slightly older ones I may have forgotten to mention around here:

Maybe We Need a Letter from God: The Star Trek Stamp by Bill Kraft. The story about the US Star Trek stamp, including letters written by celebrities, scientists, and politicians in favour of it.

Trek in Texas: The 1970s Star Trek Conventions by Gordon Bailey, Jr. A short book of local fannish history.

Ordered and waiting for Return to Tomorrow: The Filming of Star Trek: The Motion Picture by Preston Neal Jones. Really looking forward to this one.

(Still not acquired: in two days it'll be nine years since I paid Conlan Press for a copy of Writing Sarek by Peter S. Beagle. Last summer they hoped to have it out before the end of 2013. Nope.)

And all the novels, obviously, but everyone here knows about those. There was a good run ten to twenty years ago of strange and interesting nonfiction books, and maybe that's starting again. It doesn't matter so much that Star Trek is a lot less popular than it used to be because it's easier to get books out now.
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