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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

Username= 8990
Gender= Male.
Nationality= English.
Personality= A combination of the .E.M.H. and Luscly.
Favourite .T.V. series= .D.S.9..
Favourite book series= .D.T.I. and Vanguard.
Favourite Star Trek reviewer= .S.F.Debris.
Hates= Janeway and Enterprise, (except for the .T.C.W.).
Current projects= Temporal Cold War database, (help appreciated) and .D.T.I. fanfiction concept, "Delgardo's Legacy", (

Not sure about the Destiny trilogy, (giving the Borg an origin story, though at least it's not the V'Ger one) and the Greg Cox Khan trilogy.
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