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Re: So I have FINALLY started watching Enterprise... love it so far!!

Hi and welcome Shantea!

/puts out plate of cookies and assorted pitchers of beverages/

Yeah, Travis ... oy. His role was a lot like the lesser known players in TOS, like the guy(s?) who Chekov replaced. Faceless, barely known. Which is unfortunate - the opportunity to work with a space boomer should've been one that Archer seized a lot more. But it's a numbers game. The show's only have a limited amount of screen time. Add more to one person or pairing, and another one suffers. By the time we get to S3 and the Trip/T'Pol pairing, it's taking up a lot of screen time.

And the song, yeah, Bakula (I wish I could recall where I'd read this) said the addition of I think a tambourine or the like was something of a WTF moment, but he'd had that with Quantum Leap. The theme song was changed there, too, after a few years. I suppose there's a thought that it's fresher or something but yeah, the mood was absolutely not like that happy, cheery sound at all. Would've made a lot more sense to go in the other direction, slowing down the theme song, making it even sparer, really pointing up their isolation and moral ambiguities.
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