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Re: So I have FINALLY started watching Enterprise... love it so far!!

My first post here. Just wanted to say how much I loved Enterprise S3/S4. I genuinely find it better than most of TNG, and can't decide whether I like DS9 or ENT3/4 better. I started watching Enterprise last year. I found the first season so bad I could hardly stomach it. I really took me months to finish it. My thoughts about the show didn't get any better at the beginning of S2, but eventually, I really started to like it. The writing/acting got better after each episode, I really liked that. Hell, I even started to like the opening theme! Then came last episode of S2. I think it took me 5 or 6 days to watch entire season 3. I was consumed by it. "Similitude", "Harbringer", "Azati Prime" and many more are not just my favorite episodes from the season, but from the whole Enterprise and Star Trek in general. Especially true about Similitude. Every single actor gave its absolute best. Story was fantastic. Wow. What really amazed me in entire S3 was how dark it was. After watching DS9, I thought Star Trek could not get any darker. Then comes Archer torturing that space pirate. That was really the turning point in entire show I believe. Before that he was just plain, boring and naive captaine with absolutely no clue about what he's doing. Or when he decided to stole missing parts for ENT from another ship. I could go on for hours... The whole idea of entire season was fantastic. A race with 5 species! Season 4 was also really good, especially the Vulcan arc and Terra Prime. The speech Archer gave at the end was downright one of best speaches in entire franchise, period.

Really the only two gripes I've had with ENT were:

1) Travis. I think he's most under-developed character in all of Star Trek ever. Really, what memorable thing did he do? Or said? I remember nothing apart from "yes, captain, I can set our course".

2) Changing of theme song in S3/S4. Theme really annoyed me in the beginning of the show, but I got used to it. And then comes season 3 bringing you some of the darkest Trek ever, and they make that tune even happier. Seriously, what the hell?
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