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Re: Set blueprint exchange

Hi - I've been away form the computer for a while, but I've now managed to upload some more stuff

TNG Enterprise D bridge plans - (need to "view all sizes" to get full resolution)
Overall set plan -
bridge walls close up -
bridge top with scribbles -
Bridge top -
Bridge roof -
worf console part assembly -
bridge overview with part of side -
captain's chair arm rest light -
structural stuff -
bridge roof assembly overview -

Stellar cartography model

TNG Romulan Bridge - "the neutral zone" [built inside the shuttlebay area]

Unknown - 6 unknown set plans

A new album called Alien Worlds for sets of locations -
ENT Dawn - alien moon (6 images)
PJem (3 images)
Nimbuss III buildings (Trek V)
Swamp - voyager survivial instinct

Starfleet council chamber (Trek IV) -
15 images

DS9 - Quarks Bar model (with some dims drawn on)

DS9 - Stage 18 (with defiant engine room and other stuff)

Star Trek experience -
Various bits that kept turning up in searches for actual set plans, so I figured I'll just stick them in the album for curiosity

NX Enterprise Corridor Model -

Borg Set plans -

Holoship - Insurrection

Argo Shuttle

Argo buggy

Also I just found out that the voyager sickbay was reused for first contact's enterprise E sick bay - a small hatch was added to the set -

Once I catch up with things, I'll start uploading the Count's images to the flickr as well
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