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Re: Voyager Fanfics, Creations, and Favorite Videos

Final part:

The ride to Starfleet was a quiet one. Kathryn spent the entire time looking out the window, lost in her thoughts. She was going to captain a brand new starship called Voyager. It was supposed to be equipped with the latest technology. As excited as she was, she couldn't help but feel sadness over leaving Mark, again. By now he was used to it as they had been together for years, and this was to be her last mission before their wedding. Still, she wished she could take him with her so they could experience it together. Sensing her anguish, Mark laced his fingers with hers. Kathryn gave a small squeeze in response. Ten minutes later Mark stopped in front of Starfleet Headquarters. Kathryn looked at him. ''Well, I guess this is it.'' ''You ready?'', he asked. ''As I'll ever be.'' She closed the distance between them with a kiss and then wrapped her arms around Mark. Breathing in his scent, memorizing every fibre of him. She pulled away and smiled. ''See you in three weeks.'' ''I'll be waiting right here when you return.'' Kathryn opened the door and exited the hover car. Suddenly Mark called out to her. ''Kath!'' She turned around to see him mouth the words I love you. She did the same and then briskly walked into the building before her, confident that everything would be alright.
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