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Re: Voyager Fanfics, Creations, and Favorite Videos

Third part:

Fifteen minutes later, Kathryn emerged from the bedroom. Her long hair now done up neatly on top of her head in a bun. She noticed a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast on the kitchen table, with a steaming cup of black coffee beside it. She eyed Mark , who was sitting on the opposite side of the table. ''What's this?'', she asked. ''Your breakfast.'' ''Mark, I hadn't planned on eating. Coffee would have been fine.'' Mark turned in his chair. ''You aren't Captain right this minute, Kathryn. I won't have you going into space on an empty stomach.'' Him calling her by her full name meant he was in a serious mood. She crossed the room to the table but not before bending down to say hello to Mollie, her dog, who was resting at Mark's feet. ''Morning girl. How are you today? Feeling better, I hope.'' The Irish Setter looked up at Kathryn with big eyes, her long tongue extended to greet her owner's fingers. ''Whatever is wrong with her, I'll get the results from the doctor later this morning. I'll contact you just before you launch'', said Mark. ''That would be greatly appreciated'', replied Kathryn, now sliding into her chair to begin her breakfast. ''You made this?'', she asked. ''If you mean, did I get up early to make you a traditional home-cooked breakfast, then yes.'' Kathryn scooped up some eggs onto her fork and popped them into her mouth. ''They're delicious, darling. Thank you.'' She smiled sweetly at him.
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