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Re: Doctor Who: Who is the Doctor?

41. The Wedding of River Song
Amelia Pond (Alternate)
How is the Doctor going to get time moving again? What is his plan?

42. Closing Time
Alfie Owens (Stormagedden)

How does he know the name I have given himself. How was he able to save my Dad?

43. The God Complex

How was the Time Lord able to defeat me?

44. The Girl Who Waited
Amelia Pond (The Girl Who Waited)

Why has he taken so long to get back to me? Raggedy Man, why?

45. Night Terrors
Who is this man who thinks he can help George overcome his fears?

46. Let's Kill Hitler

Meldoy Pond/River Song (Mels incarnation)

So this is the Raggedy Man that Amy has talked about since she was seven? He's cute.

47. A Good Man Goes to War

Madame Kovarian
You think you're so clever. But I will win. The Time Lords will be extinct. I'll make sure of that.

48. The Doctor's Wife

I don't see how you can defeat me when all those other Time Lords didn't...
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