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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

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Just for fun, here's one of my typical commutes home at 5X speed:
I love how the guy just a few seconds in pretty much tries to plow into a bus.

And then about half-way through the video what I was talking about above. During one of the traffic jams we see it is due to police activity on the shoulder (looked like an accident or maybe a disabled car as a car was being put on a truck.) Traffic was crawling up until that point and then BOOM everything is operating normally. There's just something about that "point of interest" that gets everyone down to a crawl and then once they've had their look it's back to normal.

I get slowing down or moving over to create something of a safety-buffer between you and the activity in the shoulder but sometimes when I encounter this it's just really, really too much. One time traffic for me was very much like that. The point of release? A disabled motorcycle in the shoulder. Way over on the edge of the shoulder practically leaning up against the rail of the overpass it was on in no way, shape, or form an obstacle for traffic on the roadway, no way it COULD be considering this is a very wide shoulder that actually becomes a bus-lane a little further ahead it's so wide. But, none-the-less this motorcycle over there was apparently distracting enough to cause people to slow down to a crawl.

Kind of on the topic of "bad driver/driving experience stories:" I was driving to a ball game one evening and this was during evening rush-hour in one of the busier interchanges in the city even on a non-game day and traffic was pretty much at a stand still as people tried getting into the two lanes leading off the highway and onto the road that leads to the stadium/to a nearby community. So we're crawling along, I'm occasionally letting people in (providing they a) had their signal on, b) weren't on their phone, c) weren't trying to force their way in.) When all of the sudden I get passed on the right by a car going vastly faster than I am. I'm going, at best, 5 miles an hour. I have to keep my foot on the brake just to keep the car from making me go too fast at idle and a car whips past me probably going 30 or 40.

What was going on? Asshole passed me, and everyone else behind me and in front of me, by driving in the shoulder (which even had rumble strips.) And it wasn't a particularly wide shoulder making the potential for him to crash into a car, the sidewall of a bridge/overpass or ending up the dirt was pretty high.

Really one of those moments I wish I was a undercover-cop in some crazy Inspector Gadget-like world where I flip a switch, my car turns into a police cruiser and I go and pull that guy over and ticket him for being an idiot.
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