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Re: What would it take for you to forgive a Trek movie you hate.

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Thanks for reading my rambles!

I get what you mean about my phrasing, but I guess what I'm getting at is the fact FC's comedy doesn't quite balance nicely with its more serious side; if anything there's a real lack of urgency about the on-Earth stuff, with Cochrane getting Deanna pissed & stuff like Barclay being awkward etc… when you've got Picard going off the deep end & the Enterprise being overran by Borg, then you cut to Riker & Geordi frankly having a whale of a time, I just don't buy it.

Perhaps I'm being a stick in the mud. I know why they put the lighter stuff in there, for the levity to balance out the drama/horror, but… I just think it dilutes the mixture.
Well stated, and I think you're right.

Maybe I'm confusing the original series with Next Gen, but whenever some deadline loomed, there was always someone to bring it up occasionally (i.e., "I remind you that we have only twelve hours until our rendezvous with so-and-so."

I could be wrong, but I recall no such thing planetside in First Contact.
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