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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

So with Season 5 out yesterday I quickly purchased it and binge watched the whole thing in one day. Not that I really intended to, but I had nothing going on so I figured what the hell. And then today since I had even less going on I went back through the entire thing, this time listening to the commentaries.

Season 5 to me is a mixed bag, one that I ultimately enjoy though. the 13 episode season really hurt Harmon (he explains as much in the commentary) and the whole story-line of Jeff being a teacher never really gets explored as much as it could, though 'Intro to Teaching' is a great episode, it's just too bad we couldn't have gotten more of what it promised.

The high concept episodes work great for me, I love both 'G.I. Jeff and the Lava episode." Both having great poignancy being that one is Troy's final episode and the other deals with Jeff confronting his age. The one episode I was most worried about rewatching was "App Development and Condiments" just because I felt it got too far away from reality. But the second viewing I accepted that the whole school just let things go too far and I enjoyed it on that level, plus it's a strong episode for Shirley, who unfortunately doesn't get an awful lot to do.

The two part finale is another favorite of mine, though I can understand why people dislike it. It does kind of stretch credibility a bit to suggest there's a portion of the school that no one knows about. Ultimately I enjoyed it and part of it is the Jeff/Annie moment (I admit it, I'm a shipper) which is a nice subtle nod to their ongoing "thing" without being overt about it.

It's great to have Harmon back, and knowing we're getting a Season 6 I can overlook a lot of my criticisms I had (because he had them too) so knowing that I have every confidence in him to not make those mistakes again and deliver a much stronger Season that will (hopefully) lead into the movie.
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