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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

I really liked the memos on the creation of the main title sequence for year five. It put it in perspective, and makes me appreciate it a whole lot more.

The thoughts on "Learning Curve" were pretty much spot on, as well.

I totally disagree with JMS' interpretation of fan-backlash towards Byron, though. My gripe is not that Byron is a character who can quickly make people follow him, or somehow an archetype that I despised in high school. My gripe is that the actor playing Byron and the writer behind him (JMS) completely and utterly fail to create this character. Byron is unconvincing, not charismatic, not even close to being Bester's equal, he has hair so perfect in the middle of Brown Sector that it's ludicrous, he goes on painfully self-important and embarrassingly long verbal tangents, and doesn't even have any followers that are close to being fleshed out into three dimensions.

In short, I'm not against the concept of the character. I'm against the complete failure to conceptualize the character.
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