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Re: What would it take for you to forgive a Trek movie you hate.

Thanks for reading my rambles!

I get what you mean about my phrasing, but I guess what I'm getting at is the fact FC's comedy doesn't quite balance nicely with its more serious side; if anything there's a real lack of urgency about the on-Earth stuff, with Cochrane getting Deanna pissed & stuff like Barclay being awkward etc… when you've got Picard going off the deep end & the Enterprise being overran by Borg, then you cut to Riker & Geordi frankly having a whale of a time, I just don't buy it.

Perhaps I'm being a stick in the mud. I know why they put the lighter stuff in there, for the levity to balance out the drama/horror, but… I just think it dilutes the mixture.
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