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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

REL said:
I've spoken with Vektor about making a physical model of this as I love the design it's one I would really like to have in my collection.
Indeed I have spoken with REL about a physical model and I am positively giddy about the idea. I hadn't mentioned it myself because I didn't know whether or not REL wanted to make it public knowledge at this point. There may be a few details left to work out between the parties involved so don't anybody go placing orders just yet, but it's a very exciting prospect, especially with someone as talented as REL involved.

If we do go ahead with it, I will probably be making some additional modifications to the 3D model to allow the basic parts and pieces to be run off on a 3D printer. REL would then use those pieces as a starting point for building up the master, or at least that's how he has explained it to me. This should shorten the process considerably and would, of course, result in a physical model that is an exact representation of the 3D model.

I never would have thought when I started all this that it would involve the efforts of so many different people and turn into something quite so cool.
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