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Re: What would it take for you to forgive a Trek movie you hate.

Good overall commentary, VST. Much to read and consider.

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FC - while it's a lot of fun, this one has similar problems to TSFS in that it's tonally jarring; it's two movies, one a dark action Captain Ahab story for Picard, another quite a TOS-style time travel knockabout romp & while both individually good, neither properly gel together.
This is not a criticism in any way to you or anyone else, but this term in bold caught my eye, as I've seen it used, in various wordings, a number of times before.

As I interpreted from the series, time travel was a pretty big, serious deal. They did manage to have a little light note here and there, dealing with the time differences (I always liked Kirk wordlessly motioning to the bulletin board notice to Sulu in Tomorrow is Yesterday, for example). A "romp" to me sounds more like an 80's advertising term applied to the film. "We have a flop." "A What, Captain?" "A place to sleep." "One might have said so in the first place." isn't what I'd call a romp!

Maybe it's just me...
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