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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hello, I've been posting in "Literature" for a while. Read many novels. But have not really watched TV for around 20 years or more. In Canada too! Now have had Netflix for a while and Netflix recently got TNG (in Canada again). So, watching much TNG for the very first time. Gotten to Season 1, Episode 8 "Justice" and found it very interesting.

However, sending an away team and possible vacationers immediately after a first contact does seem odd from a Prime Directive perspective especially since the inhabitants do not apparently have warp technology. Not unmasking the god(s) as mere creatures and comparing high technology to godlikeness is a step beyond TOS.

I look forward to finishing Season 1 but it may take a while.

I watched TOS when it was on TV and have one BA in Psychology and a second BA in Political Science. And, have a somewhat evangelical religious perspective. I recognize that the prime directive takes evangelization and atheization dimly. Or, is a piquant sense of humour preferred (note some American spellings and some British spellings).
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