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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

So I just watched 'Basic Human Anatomy.' I'd probably be done with the season by now if I wasn't stretching it out so I can jump straight into Season 5 when I buy it tomorrow.

What I really liked about this episode the most is it had a lot of heart, something that's been lacking this season. It was also nice for them to finally shine a spotlight on Troy and Britta's relationship, something we've only really glimpsed here and there. It was nice that they never once tried to pretend that they actually switched bodies, but the whole group went along with it anyways, and I really liked seeing the real reason we saw the two switch bodies, to deal with Britta.

Dean pretending to switch bodies with Jeff was probably the highlight, even if that subplot didnt' really go anywhere. Unfortunately it seems that even Jim Rash gets Annie wrong, I wonder if it was a mandate to write her more like her season 1 self and ignoring all her growth through season 3, but oh well. Only two more episodes to go and then I can get into Season 5.
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