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Re: Picard's age:

There's also this, from "The Next Phase":

The Next Phase wrote:
PICARD: I've been thinking about the first time I met Geordi La Forge. He was a young officer assigned to pilot me on an inspection tour, and I made some off hand remark about the shuttle's engine efficiency not being what it should. And the next morning I found that he'd stayed up all night refitting the fusion initiators. Well, I knew then that I wanted him with me on my next command.
We have no idea what Picard was inspecting, but it sounds from the phrasing that he is between commands at the time. And it would appear that the "next command" ended up being the Enterprise.

That being said, I would presume he would have commanded something between Stargazer and Enterprise.

(I really should re-read The Buried Age. I remember *really* liking the book, but a lot of the details have faded...)
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