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I just finished watching this episode for the first time. I wasn’t expecting Yar to die *gasp and holds breath* and in such a fashion! *Exhales with disappointment*
Yes, she died in the line of duty but somehow it had such a boring “feel.” Especial after a whole dialogue going with Worf about combat and techniques. I was thinking she should have died with more meaning, more flare, more or a guts and glory as the chief security officer and warrior woman she was.
Perhaps it was the dialogue?
As for Armus, oily goo as a villain— mmk. He seemed indestructible, powerful and his words- evil , his only shortcomings came from himself. However, I was wondering from what “Beings” did Armus come from since it wasn’t clear? and will there be another appearance of him in later episodes of TNG?

Or is declaring the planet “off-limits” like the ultimate no-go for everyone and hence no (because nobody in all the galaxies will never go to an off-limits planet- like ever)?


I think it had to do with the fact that "Star Trek" main characters never die, unless the actor wants to leave the show. It wasn't a story idea, there was never a feeling of risk for any of the other characters. They could easily transferred Yar to another ship. I don't know what was happening behind the scenes or what peoples attitudes were, but it smacks of "you want off, you're off for good." Killing her just because they can, which is exactly what Armus said, really.

I'm curious about these "beings" that left Armus there. He could have been lying. You would think these newly good "beings" would have done something more to contain that thing. So It could be found again.
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