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Re: TRIP/MICHAEL/CONNOR: You're All We Think About

JiNX-01 said:
LtCdrFlygirl said:
Jinx, I know how to save them from Youtube then convert them to mpeg1 format. I already did it if you want me to email it to you....let me know.
That would be awesome! mpeg1 works for iPods, right? i am quite technologically challenged (as you will learn with time), but I still have a thing for a certain starship engineer!

I'll PM my e-mail address to you. Incidentally, you can reply to PMs but you won't be able to initiate any until you hit the magic 100 posts (when you will also be able to post images, etc.)
Great news Reanock. :thumbsup:

I wonder if it will go straight to theatre or straight to DVD?

Jinx he never mentioned a sister to us on the cruise but I'm certain I've heard him mention it in an interview before that he was the middle child - an older brother and a younger sister.

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