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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

CaptainRoop said:
Glad to see all is coming along up here. Just wanted everyone to know that we are very slowly getting the Actual Grandeur Forum back up and running not totally sure why or how the other one went down , but it sort of messed up and or disappeared

Although we did not get a lot of people to join over there from these boards we did have a few big names in the art world join up as well as Vektor and NightShadow posting over there too.

So maybe we can slowly get it back up to speed again. Don't expect alot right away but if you care to take a look feel free USS Grandeur Forum

I want to thank everyone that has been sending me their response as to rather or not they would purchase this ship as a model when Vektor gets finished with it and when we get the physicial model all complete.

I made a spot for people to cast their vote on the forum under the main Grandeur link, feel free to cast your vote for the model there, as well as on the Grandeur Website which BTW is getting a less cluttered slow make over too.
I've spoken with Vektor about making a physical model of this as I love the design it's one I would really like to have in my collection.

You can see an example of my work here.
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