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Re: TRIP/MICHAEL/CONNOR: You're All We Think About

Triptacular said:
JiNX-01 said:
Matthew Trinneer is Connor's brother. He was with him on the Seatrek cruise. They're 18 months apart in age.
18 months apart? (Poor mom) Were they close when they were growing up?

FYI, Lt.FG, there's another Trinneer sib - younger sister (Megan - but I don't think that's the right spelling) Did they mention her on the Seatrek, Jinx?
Well, my brother and I are about 16 months apart.
I don't recall the Trinneer brothers mentioning their sister, tho' Hoshi's sis, NXOner and jedikatie got to talk with Connor and Matt for a couple of hours on the train excursion out of Skagway. Maybe they talked about the family then...?

Hoshi's sis? You around?
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