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Re: Non Trek Fic: Flynn at 1111 Glen Oak (Daria/P&F x-over)

Part 7 – After the Rescue
In the middle of the turn, they started to hear grinding sounds not normally associated with the flapping. “That’s not good,” Candace said.

“How much further, Candace?” Trent asked as he came out of the turn.

“Another four blocks.”

“We have to stop the flapping again; can we land?” Phineas asked.

“Well, there’s a gap in traffic a block ahead,” Trent replied.

“That will have to do, I guess,” Jane remarked.

“Make for it, Trent!” said Phineas, as he stopped the flapping a second time. “It looks like the damage is more serious than we thought, Ferb.”

Ferb took a section of wall off.

Trent aimed for the gap in traffic and brought the vehicle towards it. “We’re dropping a bit fast; we need more lift.”

“Unfortunately, the damage is rather extensive,” Ferb replied.

“There may be more!” Trent said.

“Noted.” Ferb continued to examine the damage.

The vehicle landed in the gap in traffic. Hard. So hard that it bounced and came down a second time. Both times, the occupants were jarred by vibrations.

“We’re down. We should be at the antiques store in a few minutes,” said Trent.

“He he he he. I hope so,” Candace replied.

However a minute later, after they had gone through an intersection, a back wheel came off the vehicle...

Trent noticed almost immediately. “Um, I think we’ve just lost a wheel,” The vehicle then ground to a halt. Trent put the gear stick into Neutral. “That’s not good.”

“If we act quickly, you could be able to get that wheel back,” Daria said.

“If the traffic would let us,” Phineas replied as he dashed out the door.

Daria followed Phineas out of the vehicle. “Wait, Phineas!”


“You do know that Candace wants you to get in trouble?” she asked in her usual monotone.

“Yes. But Mom doesn’t mind.”

“I don’t think she knows the true nature of what you do.”

“Sure she does,” Phineas enthused.

“I’m not sure she does. Anyway, get the wheel. I’ll watch out for cars.”

Phineas returned a minute later with the wheel. Ferb and Isabella had jacked the vehicle up in the meantime. “Hmm, the axle is rather splintered. We’re going to need to replace it.”

“And how long will that take?” Candace asked.

“About 15 minutes.”

“Candace, you could probably get to the antiques store and back in that time,” Daria whispered. As much as she was helping Phineas earlier she thought that keeping Candace occupied would be a good idea.

“You think so?” Candace asked.

“Yes, both Stacys can go with you,” said Daria.

“Sure,” Stacy H. acquiesced.

“Um, OK,” the other Stacy said.

“OK, let’s go,” Candace directed.

As Candace and the Stacys left, Phineas went to a nearby phone booth to order them lumber.

Five minutes later the wood for the replacement axle had arrived. “Aren’t you a little young to be ordering lumber?” the delivery driver asked.

“Yes, yes we are,” Phineas said as he signed. Soon, Ferb had removed the old axle, and was cutting the new wood to fit.

‘He seems safe to me,’ Daria thought.

Another two minutes later. Stacy, Candace and Stacy entered the antiques store. “Hi, Candace,” her step father, Lawrence Fletcher said.

“Hi, Dad. Wait, where’s Mom?”

“I think she went home, honey,” Lawrence explained.

“Hee hee hee hee, then she’s going to see the stone skypad apartments!”

“I wouldn’t bet on that, Candace,” said Stacy H..


“Remember that their projects disappear,” Stacy H. reminded.

“Oh yeah. I’ll call Mom again, before the project disappears,” Candace said as she took her phone out.

“How do the projects disappear?” Stacy R. asked the other Stacy.

“Beats me,” Stacy H. shrugged.

“Hi, Mom? Are you home?”

Not quite, honey,” came the reply.

“Look in the backyard when you get there. You’ll see that Phineas and Ferb have built a giant stone building!”

Oh, Candace.”

“It’s true!”

See you later, bye.” Linda hung up.

Candace grumbled. She looked to Stacy H. “We need to get back to the vehicle, and take it home. Maybe Daria could ask Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro to stop it and the building from disappearing.”

“Somehow I don’t think Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro would want to. She seems to approve of Isabella being in on your brothers’ schemes,” Stacy H. noted.

“Come on, Stacy, we need to try,” Candace said as she headed towards the door.

“So you just wanted to see Mum?” Lawrence asked.

“I’ll see you at home, Dad.”

“Wait for me,” Stacy R. said as the other two teens exited the antiques store.

Stacy H. held the door open. “Come on then.”

Linda approached the house. She saw that the house was entirely normal. There was nothing like a giant stone building. Candace was ranting as usual.

She parked the car and looked in the backyard. Nothing.

Ten minutes earlier
Irving Aarons looked at the footage on his computer. He saw that Phineas and Ferb were still flying away from their rescue of the Lawndale teen, and that Linda was on her way from the antiques store and heading home. He had also seen the explosion in the Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. building (but not Perry leaving). ‘Oh no! Candace is going to get the upper hand!’ he thought. Being Phineas and Ferb’s biggest fan, he didn’t want them to get busted. He knew he had to do something.

A couple of minutes later, Irving entered the Flynn-Fletchers back yard with a length of rope. He took a close look at the stone building. “All I need to do is move it out of the yard,” he said to himself. He then went and started to tie the rope around the base of the building...

When Linda arrived home, she didn’t see anything unusual in the backyard. ‘Candace is her usual self,’ she thought. After she parked the car, something caught her eye. She looked, but the strange thing wasn’t in the back yard, but in the yard behind. ‘That’s weird,’ she thought as she went towards the house.

Irving breathed a sigh of relief as he saw Linda go into the house. He had just barely managed to pull the stone building over the fence with the assistance of some of the Flynn-Fletcher’s neighbors. “That was close! Thanks for the help guys,” he imparted.

“Anytime. But are you sure Phineas and Ferb are OK with us just moving it out of their yard?”

“Of course they are.”


Candace and the Stacys approached the vehicle around eight minutes after leaving the antiques store. Candace saw that Phineas was putting the wheel back on with Daria watching

“Was she there?” Daria asked.

“No, she’s gone home. We have to go back,” Candace answered.

“What’s the chance that she’ll be there?” Daria asked, her tone implying that Linda may not be there...

“We have to try,” Candace said.

“Of course,” Daria said. She turned to Phineas. “Is the wheel on?”

“I just have to turn this last bolt. Done.”

“Good, let’s go,” Candace directed.

“The wheel is fixed, but Ferb is still fixing the damage to the wings,” Phineas explained as he boarded the vehicle.


“So, we’re heading back to Maple Drive?” Trent asked as he started driving again.

“Yes, Trent,” Candace answered.

“Cool, I’ll just retrace our route past that Doof place,” Trent decided.

“Actually it’ll be quicker if you take the next left, and then another ten – fifteen minutes we’ll be back in our neighborhood,” Phineas explained.

“I’ll do that then,” said Trent.

After they had taken the left turn, Ferb emerged from his repairs. “It’s fixed, try to take off again.”

“Ok, I’ll give it a shot.” Phineas pulled the lever. “Wings extended.”

Daria looked out at other traffic that swerved to avoid the wings. ‘Can’t be avoided, I guess.’

Trent pushed down on the accelerator and pulled back on the wheel.

The vehicle took off for a third time, stirring up a cloud of dust and causing other drivers to stop and stare in awe.
“We should be back in five minutes,” Phineas explained.

Candace laughed. “Then you’re going to be busted!”

“There are still a whole lot of ifs,” Daria pointed out.

“Such as?”

“Either she won’t be there, or something will happen to this vehicle,” Daria replied. She instantly regretted the latter when she heard grinding sounds similar to, but not identical to, the previous sounds.

“You had to say that didn’t you?” Jane asked.

“I knew something was going to happen,” Daria replied.

“Phineas?” Candace asked.

“We must have missed something. Prepare to land again, Trent.”

“OK,” Trent acknowledged.

Trent approached the main road from the Danville Central Business District to the Flynn-Fletcher’s suburb (Danville East-Riverside). Suddenly both wings seized with a loud noise and a jolt! A crack appeared in the stone of the ceiling. “Uh oh!” Candace said with apprehension.

“We’re going down!” Trent exclaimed. He stamped on the brakes, causing a second jolt.

An external observer (if they were paying attention, like Irving would be) would have seen Perry’s glider break off the vehicle, along with bits and pieces from the wings and some of the birds...

The jolt was severe; while the crack in the ceiling grew. “Well, Daria, it seems you’re right. Something did happen to the vehicle,” Candace said.

“Ferb, we need to fix that crack,” Phineas ordered.

“Duct tape won’t do anything,” Isabella pointed out.

“We’ll have to cannibalize a seat then,” Phineas said. He turned around in his seat and started unscrewing the back.

Nearly a minute later, Ferb emerged from the forward hatch, from the passenger compartment and climbed onto the roof with the former seat back and a bunch of twine. Phineas emerged from the rear hatch. “We have to do this quickly. I don’t know what will happen when we get back to the ground,” Phineas pointed out.
Ferb nodded.
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