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Re: What would it take for you to forgive a Trek movie you hate.

Hate is such a strong word, I feel. As others have said, I find nothing to precisely hate about the Trek films, even if some are a bit more duff than others.

TMP - in many ways it's the *most* Trek film of them all, given how truly alien & wondrous V'Ger is. I've reappraised this one much more in recent years as under appreciated - though it lacks the warmth & charm TOS had, so that could have been more in place.

TWOK - it's hard to see how such a sublime movie could be bettered. The only thing I always miss is a face to face Kirk/Khan confrontation, but I also like the whole 'submarine bridge commander' regality of their conflict, so… it's as close to a perfect Trek film as I can conceive.

TSFS - tonally it doesn't quite click, it's all over the shop. It wants to be a romp at times like TOS, then it wants to be quite epic in scope, and then it wants to be a tragedy & quite nasty in the bargain. I'd try & streamline the tone of this one to not be so skittish.

TVH - again, I struggle to find fault, because I love this one so much. I can't imagine how I'd improve it.

TFF - it's very TOS in spirit but it's fundamentally flawed in terms of concept & approach. The script is really the major problem, because some of the ideas are really quite good - Sybok, especially, I'd quite like to see him re-imagined in the new continuity. The whole thing needed a few more drafts so that's what I'd like to see.

TUC - I'm such a Nick Meyer fanboy. Yet again, just one of the great Trek films it's hard to imagine could be bettered.

GEN - many people I think have suggested Kirk's death is a bit… naff. Better than being shot in the back as originally scripted but there must have been a better way for the big man to go out than this? That's my biggest bugbear. Beyond that, despite being a little inconsistent & not having the strength of its convictions, it's not half as bad a film as people say.

FC - while it's a lot of fun, this one has similar problems to TSFS in that it's tonally jarring; it's two movies, one a dark action Captain Ahab story for Picard, another quite a TOS-style time travel knockabout romp & while both individually good, neither properly gel together. I'd have ran with one or the other more.

INS - it's just a two-parter, isn't it? That's the problem. Nothing wrong with the idea, or Piller's writing, or the acting, it's just TNG playing it very safe without the scope for a motion picture.

NEM - aka The Wrath of Shinzon. Such a rip-off, more so than homage than John Logan would claim. I like parts of it, but my biggest issue is that it's so far away from TNG it's untrue - it's just an overblown action pic when TNG was never tonally that kind of piece. And it was a lacklustre swan song for the crew.

ST09/STID - I'm still too close to these both to judge (that doesn't mean I'm in love with both, because I see STID's faults, just ask me in 5 years )
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