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Re: Favourite Much-Maligned TNG Episodes

Harvey wrote: View Post
I like several of the crazy high concept episodes from later in the series, including "Masks" and "Genesis."

Joel_Kirk wrote: View Post
I know huh! Too many black faces onscreen for some whites to handle, right?

Hey, imagine this: What if we had a well-written Star Trek show with a predominantly black cast! I'm sure you - and likeminded individuals - would hate that....! hahaha

Yikes indeed!
This sort of thing is uncalled for. JirinPanthosa laid out a rather concise version of why the episode is problematic (for a longer version, Daniel Bernardi devotes fifteen pages to the subject in his book on Star Trek and race, which is worth reading if you really want to do this sort of thing as an academic) and it has nothing to do with fearing a predominantely black cast.
First off, you might want to actually read the responses, particularly posts #33 and 34, before you try to tell me what I should and shouldn't be speaking out against. Those posters, in their own way, also give their little opinions on why the particular episode was problematic, as well as why certain black characters - Geordi LaForge - were portrayed the way they were.

And, I've read Daniel Bernardi's book, and I while I think he does make some interesting points, that doesn't change MY personal fascination with 'Code of Honor.' Just because some folks have a problem with it - the episode - and have a problem with black performers in Trek as we saw above doesn't mean I have to follow that line of thinking especially as a black man who watches Trek shows and plans on delving into the film/tv realm someday.

Fuck that noise.

So, no, it's not uncalled for. A diverse voice is much needed because there seems to be an abundance of misinformation - as well as individuals, in 2014 - who still see some individuals as inferior because of their skin color.

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