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Re: Favourite Much-Maligned TNG Episodes

The Royale definitely. Love the way it just riffs on bad literature.

And nobody, in the world, ever, has complained about Code of Honor for a black man being interested in a white women. More the fact that he suddenly kidnaps her then tries to conscript her into marriage. Nobody would have ever complained if he simply asked her out on a date or had a consensual one night stand with her, and it's incredibly obnoxious that you refuse to acknowledge the distinction then cite the race of people who disagree with your opinion to discredit theirs.

Also if a TV show came out today with a group of black people who held a cure to a horrible disease hostage if the crew didn't respect ancient superstitions that involved holding a woman hostage against her will, it would be cancelled the next day and the showrunner would get a segment on Fox News.
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