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Re: My Polar Lights TOS Enterprise Build-up

I'm trying to make the hull appear paneled, sort of like the Defiant from IaMD. I want the final look to be very subtle, really almost not visible from a distance. The main color is (IIRC) polly scale lettering gray and will applied in four layers (1) straight, (2) tinted with Model Master pale green, (3) tinted with Model Master Intermediate Blue, and (4) tinted with Model master Aluminum. Once all four layers are on I will over-spray it all with a layer of some either bluish or greenish grey. I havn't decided if I want it to look like the studio model (greeninsh) or as it appeared on screen after being photographed in front of a blue screen (bluish). Other details are painted in light gray or intermediate blue. The forward panels of the Engineering hull with be a little warmer grays and there will be a darker ring on the top of the saucer which will be a bit greener than the rest of the ship.

Anyway, it's hard to explain what I mean exactly. I'm a little farther than this, but here's a pic of step two as described above:

Hopefully I'll be able to get a lot farther on this this weekend. Wish me luck!

Oh, and this girl is the Enterprise, baby! It just doesn't seem right to have all this 1:1000 stuff in the pipe without 1701 to photograph it with!
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