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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

It's similar to the way I've watched the Batman (1966) movie with my son but will not show him the Nolan films for a few more years yet (though all his friends seem to have seen them--not sure what the parents are thinking, but as I tell my kids, I'm parenting them, not everyone else and they have to live with it ).

I get that not everyone likes the MoS take on Superman. My approach to comic films is to watch them without my kids first and then deciding if I think they're ready for them. They've watched Superman and Superman II, Superman Returns and Batman (1966). My daughter is probably ready for the Spider-Man films (Raimi and Webb) but has shown no interest. My son is a couple of years away from those and a bit more away from the Iron Man/Capt. America/Thor/Hulk/Avengers saga. Lately we've focused on animated stuff (Green Lantern is his current favourite there) but even that, we watch together. I don't leave him alone with anything I think might be too dark and violent for a kid whose age is counted in single digits. But that's me.
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