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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but here goes. I am thinking of getting an action figure but I'm torn between the 9" or 12"? In terms of detail and actor resemblance, which is better? Are both dressed in cloth or just painted? I prefer cloth.

Also, I know the majority of people keep them in their packaging but is it okay to take them out and display them instead?
Generally speaking, both 9 and 12 inch are dressed in cloth. I'm not a collector in the sense of keeping or displaying things, but I have been looking at creating displays of a bridge with one crew or another. The 9 inch has a little more variety, I've found, but the 12 inch can work with many other action figures in the same scale-GI JOE, Barbie, Star Wars, etc.

A quick run down on the 9 inch collection:

12 inch had a little bit more variety, and was tied in with a couple of films (Insurrection and Star Trek 09, for instance), so it depends on what era you are wanting to collect.

Hope that helps!
Era? Meaning which series? Voyager!
Yep. Era or series, or movie, etc. It all is matter of what characters you want and what variety you want them in. I've been pretty impressed with the 9 inch collection (happened upon some at a local antique store) and the fact that Kirk has multiple uniforms can offer some variety.

Antique stores are a great place to scout out some hidden finds, especially many of the ones like around my home, which have multiple vendors in one building. Can find some good stuff there, but prices will vary.

What series are you think of looking for?
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