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Re: TOS-R in Widescreen?

I was hoping I wouldn't be the one to have to post this but I guess I will. I know some people will say this is a sign that the Apocalypse is upon us.

In Japan, TOS-R is being broadcast in widescreen HDTV, cropped to 16:9. The new effects are there already. The live action is cropped from the standard 4:3 aspect ration.

This was reported by TrekMovie a while ago. I saw it but since nobody brought it up, I thought I'd try and let it quietly slide by. Now I can't.

I wonder if I can get odds in Las Vegas as to how long it will be until a widescreen 16:9 version of Star Trek is either sold or broadcast in the United States? If the bet would be an over and under one, I'd take less than 5 years. If I could make good money, I'd take less than 3.
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