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Re: The official welcome thread

Well let's see, started watching TOS re-runs on CBC when I was a kid in the late 1970's. Watched TNG from day 1 and fell solidly in love with DS9. I grew up watching the movies on VHS, and saw Voyage Home and Final Frontier and Undiscovered Country in the theatres.

Voyager came along and I started to doubt my faith in Star Trek. Generations was okay, First Contact was better and was the last Trek I saw in the theatre. Insurrection and Nemesis were watched on VHS and DVD respectively.

I left Enterprise after 6 episodes, though have found the few season 4 episodes that I've watched to be much better than anything from season 1.

I hope that the reboot is good. I think it might be a bit early, but am willing to give it a chance. That being said, Star Trek doesn't have the drawing power or guaranteed pass at the theatres it did when I was younger.

I also have gotten back into the novels and currently feel that that seems to be where the true spirit of Trek can be found.
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