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Re: The official welcome thread

good idea.

Hello, I'm seigezunt, and I've been a ST fan since when it was first in reruns in the early 70s, and I remember the fun years before there were any movies, and when the movies were a big deal. I loved the TOS movies, and watched (and enjoyed) TNG and the start of DS9, but lost interest in the franchise around the time Voyager soiled our TV screens. Having come back to trek via the Crucible books and the Herb Solow book, I'm cautiously excited about the new movie, because it promises to bring back (at least just once) the original characters, the only ones (I now realize) that I ever really cared about.
I am constantly surprised by the close-mindedness of some fans...this means change as well as a positive attitude. Without those things, how can we ever achieve that Trek future we enjoyed so much on TV? --Bjo Trimble
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