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Re: Vengeance navigation system CLEARLY needs to go back to drawing bo

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I mean, seriously? Commander John Harrison gives a vocal command for the ship to take him to Starfleet Headquarters. "Confirmed?" the ship asks. "Confirmed," Harrison replies, and then the ship promptly crushes Alcatraz before demolishing half of San Francisco. Harrison didn't say "Set a collision course for Starfleet Headquarters," he said, "Destination: Starfleet Headquarters."

Good thing Admiral Marcus didn't set a course for New Vulcan, the damn ship would have crashed into it. I believe a formal inquiry should be held.

I jest, of course, but this is a serious oversight on the part of the Dreadnaught-class design team
Their first mistake was when they uploaded the consciousness of Michael Scott (AKA Section 31 Agent Michael Scarn) into the navigation system of the Vengeance.

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