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My battle damaged TOS USS Constellation AMT Model Kit

Do you know when you think you know something (like a starship registry number) and then you go and check, and confirm you're right, and then go and put down the wrong bloomin' thing??? Well, I did it. I mixed up my NCC-1017 with NCC-1710. Doh!

I had a shit with Decal stick, which does indeed help to blend in the decals over bumpy bits. However, it makes some of the area "shiny" which is a shame.

Anyways, I got this model kit when I bought another fan's collection off of him. I'm not a fan of the original TOS Enterprise, so I decided to mangle it a bit with some matches and used a cooker lighter to do some "doomsday machine" type effects. I was really pleased with the look and this is now one of my favorite models.

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