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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

The first new episode aired last night, though it looks like my DVR missed the first 2-3 minutes for some reason (even though I had it set to start 2 minutes early) -- hopefully it'll show up via On Demand, but they're currently 2 weeks behind on that.

Anyway, "Attraction" (written by Len Wein) was pretty disappointing. It's the first return of Magpie, who was an engagingly written character the first time out, but here she was reduced to a stereotypical homicidally-jealous-lover female villain type, delusionally in love with Batman and determined to kill Katana, whom she sees as a rival. It's a real step down for her, and for the show's treatment of gender in general. Plus, maybe this was explained in the parts I missed, but why the hell did the prison let her wear her full supervillain costume? It's a trope I've seen in other comics and cartoons, but it never makes sense, and it was doubly nonsensical here since you'd think they'd want to take away all hints of Margaret Sorrow's homicidal alter ego. Oh, and also, what's with the coed prison accommodations? That didn't make sense either.

I'm also seeing more of the limitations of doing this show as 3D animation instead of 2D. The third act reused the abandoned hospital set from the first Magpie episode, which was justified as Magpie "returning to her nest," but just screamed "we can't afford to build too many locations so we have to reuse them." And the cemetery "set" was rather lacking in detail and didn't look good at all. In revisiting this show, I'm coming to recognize it's not one of the better-animated 3D cartoons on TV. The character designs are mostly pretty good (except Katana's legs are too absurdly skinny -- she looks like Jack Skellington sometimes), but the execution leaves something to be desired.
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