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Re: Admirals of Starfleet

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'CinC' Commander in Chief...normally only applies to the President. In Star Trek that may be different.
Yes, it is different. As mentioned upthread, Admiral "Bill" in TUC was referred to as the C-in-C. (Although, IIRC, the credits identified this as "Chief in Command", but every other source seems to have gone with "Commander in Chief" instead.)

Commander Starfleet, Starfleet Commander whatever, looks to be the title for the head of Starfleet that's been used on screen.
I believe Morrow in TSFS identified himself as "Commander, Starfleet".

'Chief of Staff' is (in the real world) mostly an administrative assistant position and not in the direct the Starfleet Commander would have a 'Chief of Staff' to assist in the daily running of the commander's office....the CoS would not take over if the Commander was incapacitated...that would fall to the Deputy Starfleet Commander (if there is one) or the next designated senior officer. (Probably Chief of Starfleet Operations)

And don't confuse 'chief of staff' with the title Commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the US military has...whole different ball of wax.
I'm just going from memory here, but I think it was the Starfleet org chart in FJ's Technical Manual that first put forward the idea that the top officer in Starfleet had the title "Chief of Staff".
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