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Re: Movies Seen In 2014

78. Flakes (✩✩✩½) - Netflix - An independent movie centered around a small eatery that serves nothing but boxed cereal. Cast includes Zooey Deschanel and Christopher Lloyd. It made just over $700. at the box office. Check out the trailer…

79. The New Year (✩✩✩✩) - Netflix - An independent slice of life film about a young woman who has to deal with an ailing father, work at a bowling alley and the two men in her life. If you like Kelly Trieste-Dunn, check it out.

80. Dead Man Down (✩✩✩½) - Netflix - Not much to say. Stars Colin Farrell as a hired killer with a rather interesting backstory. The movie has some good atmosphere.

81. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (3D) (✩✩✩✩) - Theatre - Apes were well fleshed out. Comments here.

82. Safe House (✩✩✩) - Netflix - Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds in the CIA. Washington plays a captured rogue agent. Ooooo!

83. Fun with Dick and Jane (✩✩✩) - Netflix - Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni. Moderately fun commentary about hard economic times but it's nothing special.

84. About Sunny (✩✩✩✩) - Netflix - It's a nice independent film that shows the less glamorous side of Las Vegas. Check out the trailer…

85. Heaven Is for Real (✩✩✩) - Download - True story about a boy who "died" on the operating tabel and saw Jesus in heaven. Stars Greg Kinnear. To my surprise, it wasn't saccharin or overly religious. It also put me onto an artist by the name of Akiane Kramarik. She appears at the start of the movie and they got a detail wrong. She's not from Lithuania.

86. Not Another Happy Ending (✩✩✩) - Download - Comments here. Stars Karen Gillan's bum and NotChris Pine.

87. Colombiana (✩✩✩½) - Netflix - Zoe Saldana as a highly skilled assassin is a lot of fun to watch. She would have made a fantastic Catwoman. The movie itself has problems but do check this out just for her alone.

88. Hercules (✩✩✩½) - Theatre - Great cast and the trailers are misleading. My review is here.

89. Lucy (✩✩✩✩) - Theatre - Some great stuff about mindfulness along with the pseudoscience. It's an entertaining summer movie. My review is here.

Theatre: 12
Netflix: 32
Live TV: 3
Download: 42
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