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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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Here's what i'm hoping for:

Vulcan shuttle and warp sled
All the Xindi ships, including Degra's
The Antares (TOS-R)/The Huron (TAS)
The Merchantman
The D'kyr type
The Cheyenne & the New Orleans (best of the BOBW kitbashes)
The Medusan ship (TOS-R)
Breen cruiser
Heiarchy ship (just because its so weird)
Malon freighter
Caretaker's array
Species 8472 bioship
Borg Queen diamond
Spacedock, Regula 1 and Orbital Office complex
The TOS robot ship (maybe not the Antares in particular), the Borg Diamond, Vulcan ship from First Contact and several Xindi ships are on the peliminary list.
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