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My Polar Lights TOS Enterprise Build-up

I've been working on Polar Lights 1:1000 scale TOS Enterprise kit. I thought it might be fun to show some pics to the rest of the class. I am taking a few liberties with the ship, mostly in how I plan to paint it. The model's construction is finished except for the various tubes that are meant for the engine pods and the navigational deflector which will be added after the painting is complete.

So, here we go:

Here's the ship from the top. You can see how I shimed out the width of the nacelles. Also, one of the liberties I am taking is the addition of "In a Mirror Darkly" type phaser positions. I made these out of pin heads:

I wasn't happy with the parts match of the ring around the deflector cowling so I resculpted it out of epoxy putty. You can also see pin head phasers:

Here's the aft end, around the hanger bay doors. I wasn't happy with the facing directly under the doors so I built it out with a strip of styrene. You can also see how I puttied around the navigational beacon and added pin heads as phaser emplacements. Also there's a small feature I sculpted out of epoxy puty to represent a grommet or something I think I see on various pics of the studio model:

I tried to frost the clear domes with 600 grit sandpaper but I wasn't happy with the results so I took it to work and hit the parts with the sandblaster! 25 micron silica beads at 30 PSI made for a nice even effect. You can also see how much putty is needed to square up the boxes inder the domes:

I've gotten as far as priming the model. Here are a couple pics of what she looks like right now. Notice the forward end of the warp engines are masked off:

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