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Re: I think it's about time for CBS Paramount to ...

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I think it's about time for CBS Paramount to give us a new Star Trek series. One with lots of Borg, Klingons, Romulins, etc., also lots of holodeck adventures.
In other words, more of the same old shit we've had for the last twenty years?

Here's an idea, series sponsors could have their businesses revealed on the holodeck. Imagine Star Trek characters on the holodeck at a McDonald's hamburger stand!
McDonald's doesn't need to advertize that badly; they're doing just fine by themselves.

What does anybody else think about this? I remember old black and white tv series' from the 1950's would show the characters in a tv show using the sponsor's product, like Chesterfield Cigarettes. A character would pull out a pack of Chesterfield Cigarettes and you could clearly see the name on the cigarette pack when the character pulls it out of his pocket. Imagine a holodeck character going into an Olive Garden or another well-known restaurant in a 21st century holographic simulation. What does anybody else think about this idea?
I think you just came out of Marketing 101.
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