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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

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Season 4 is more like other sitcoms on television than Community. So if you like all the other sitcoms on television you might like season 4.
You really think it was bad as all the crappy average sitcoms out there?
It was certainly watchable except for the puppet episode, but it wasn't special or standoutish. I watched it but if I missed an episode I didn't worry about seeing it on the website the next day. The better episodes of season 4 were about equal to average episodes from season 1. But in general I stopped identifying with the show. For example, the D&D episode understands exactly what I loved about the game when I was a teenager. Season 4 was more into character quirks and gags than the theme deconstruction the other seasons do.

Other seasons of Community had fun with TV tropes, season 4 used them earnestly.
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