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Re: Movies Seen In 2014

39. We Bought A Zoo: A-
40. Chronicle: D+
41. Knights Tale: C+
42. 9: D+
43. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: A-

Knights Tale - Too much satire vs trying to be a period film. It was a split identity. One part Men in Tights, one Part Gladiator and it didn't mesh well.

9 - The animated film about mini self aware robots who live in an alternate to our reality world where it's version of Skynet has taken over but circa 1940's due to a war. Not enough answers in this film for my taste. Visually a nice film. The character designs nice but too many unresolved questions for me.

Dawn/Apes - As solid if maybe not a bit more than Rise of Apes. Full of heart and emotion with fully realized characters that expand on the first film while also being new ones. I have a few minor questions but they don't ruin the film's pace. Very curious and eager about the next film. I'm thinking War for Planet of the Apes as a title.
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