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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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Do you think Cobie Smulders is on a comp list that she's sent anything and everything that has Maria in it?
There are stories where I hoped this was the case, and stories where it might be a kindness to spare her knowing they'd been published.

I do wonder if she suspects the writers are running her character's comics counterpart ragged at the moment.
I was wondering what Sunspot and Maria hooking up would look like in the movie universe... refresh my memory IMDB, what sort of coco lovely Brazillian did they get to play Sunspot under all those cgi effect in Days of Future past...

It's a white guy?

A very pretty white guy, maybe a little latin, but not half black, so I'm surprised no one got their panties in a mess over this?
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