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Re: The official welcome thread

Hello, I'm Woulfe and I'm an addit too....
What ? this isn't Star Trek annon ?
Well shoot, forget what I just said....
I'm yer basic comic relief useually.

I have 40 years of pop-culture stuck in my brain, forget things like math and whatnot, I remember song lyrics and useless trivia that no one even cares about anymore

I useually make a random sig at the bottom of my posts that have nothing to do with anything at all, just random thoughts from my brain.

I think the film will be just fine as long as we keep an open mind, and a closed wallet 'till we get to the day it arrives at a theater near you

Then we'll see if it sinks or swims.

- W -
* Useless Trivia : Gordon Shumway is from the planet Melmac and he eats cats. *
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