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Re: Joel Revisits TOS....

The Menagerie, Part 2

The continuation of Spock’s trial from the previous episode.

See previous review.

Plot Holes/Plot Issues:
See previous review. One of my main questions was, “Will part 2 answer plot questions?”

They don’t.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
In the previous episode, we saw Lt. Leslie, or his twin, in yellow during one of those scenes where duty officers pause to listen to an update from the bridge. Here in part 2, Lt. Leslie - or his twin - is seen in red on the bridge. Too, stock footage shows the back of what could be the back Leslie’s head at Navigation - still in red - and another helmsman, until it changes back to updated footage with Hanson back at helm...and possibly another crewmember at navigation. (Now that I think about it, I watched the ‘remastered’ episode...and I wonder why they didn’t fix those little bits).

There is some dialogue I’ve found hilarious. Pike has so much disdain for the Talosians built up after being caged, so his attitude towards them is always defensive. Granted, he was told that the Talosians can’t read through ‘hate,’ but by the end of the ordeal he’s just pretty much angry with them. As the Talosians basically let him, Pike, and Vina on the surface of the planet to ‘propagate’ for whatever reason, the exchange between the leader and Pike goes:

Talosian Leader: You will now begin carefully guided lives.

Pike: To start by burying you?

Talosian (with a benign smile and nod): If that is your choice.

(I’m picturing a daily routine of Pike punching out a Talosian before breakfast).

As I possibly mentioned in my review of part 1, Pike talked ‘peace’ but turns out to be anything but. (Hmmm, sounds like another ship captain I know…..First name: Jonathan….Last Name: Archer).

Another memorable scene in this part is the Vina-as-the-Orion-Slave-Girl dance. I would have ‘tipped my hat’ at the ENT producers - the producers of the television show, not the ship - if they used the incidental music heard here in ‘Bound.’ (I do wonder, however, what happened between Orion Vina and Pike after we see him literally trapped between a rock and a lustful place - i.e. Vina, who is seen licking a lip, well, lustfully).

Like what we heard in the previous part, the music at the end of the episode is pretty good. (Remember, The Classic Series - TOS - is known for its incidental music). As Kirk looks at Pike and Vina being reunited via illusions, he smiles as the ‘cosmic’ music theme plays and the credits begin.

While it was well-meaning, the writing for this two-parter was lacking.

3.5 out of 5

(Note: I may have to go back to see what I rated ‘The Cage’!)

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