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Re: What are you watching???

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I have a friend who watches that show religiously for the shirtless men.

I doubt he knows any of those women's names.
But the men have much sillier names: "Dash" and "Killian," etc.

For the record:

Joanna is the mom witch. Serious, responsible, perpetually worried, and not a whole lot of fun.

Ingrid is the smart, nerdy daughter--a librarian no less. She's endearingly goofy and has consistently dreadful taste in men. Think Willow on BUFFY--if Willow was secretly having tentacle sex with a mysterious demon from Asgard.

Freya is the "hot" daughter who is always in the middle of some tiresome soap-opera love triangle. Zzzz.

Wendy is the fun, shape-changing aunt who pretty much steals every scene she's in . . ..

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