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Re: Phase II begins re-filming "Mind Sifter"

"We need a moderator here! Patty is making my behavior get out of control!"

The two scripts are nothing alike? Really? How can that be? So which one has lots of elements from the Shirley Maiewski "Mind-Sifter" short story and which one contains absolutely none of those elements? They can't both rely on the original short story and be nothing alike. Even I can see that, and I'm an idiot.

I think that pre-production reviews noted that both scripts (which were to have been developed independently of one another) shared some commonalities which didn't exist in the original source material upon which the two scripts were based. It wasn't immediately obvious how, given our rock-solid scripting process, such improbable commonalities would arise:

This "better script" does raise an interesting question: is it better because of elements from the original source material that the earlier script didn't include? Or, rather, is it better because it now eliminates some of those source material elements? Or is it better because of interesting new elements that are now scripted that we're never even part of Shirley's short story?

No need to answer; the questions are both moot and rhetorical. (Also, I've locked the thread in an effort to stop some kind of dysfunctional feedback loop that seems to have developed. I know, I know: a day late and a dollar short.)

Yes, pretty much the hardest part of my moderating job is policing my own Phase II brethren.

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I've seen the new shooting script for MINDSIFTER, and I can attest that it is NOTHING like Patty's script (Which I have also seen)... It is MUCH, MUCH better.

Patty...for the love of all things Trek, please stop this. It's done. It's over. Move on. You have pretty much set in stone, the fact that you will never, EVER be welcome back at P II. You did this to yourself. No one else did it. Take responsibility for it. Grow up and own it, and then move on. THIS kind of obsessive behavior proves why you have made yourself unwelcome. Stop embarrassing yourself.

Why the admin hasn't killed this thread several pages back is beyond me....
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