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Re: Phase II begins re-filming "Mind Sifter"

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I've seen the new shooting script for MINDSIFTER, and I can attest that it is NOTHING like Patty's script (Which I have also seen)... It is MUCH, MUCH better.

Patty...for the love of all things Trek, please stop this. It's done. It's over. Move on. You have pretty much set in stone, the fact that you will never, EVER be welcome back at P II. You did this to yourself. No one else did it. Take responsibility for it. Grow up and own it, and then move on. THIS kind of obsessive behavior proves why you have made yourself unwelcome. Stop embarrassing yourself.

Why the admin hasn't killed this thread several pages back is beyond me....
Stop what? I came here and shared some stuff from FaceBook. All the other stuff is you guys. In fact, [Name redacted by Moderator--Mod] came here after two years and all the nonsense was done to make his third post on this board - an entire post of character assassination. Someone is obsessed. And, yes, STOP. You guys are embarrassing and are taking the focus off the new episode to obsess about me. I'm gone...leave me alone.

Two notes.... 1. YOU do not make those kinds of decisions or pronouncements. 2. The current script has Admiral Withrow in it, doesn't it? Are you aware that is something I added to the story? Don't answer...this stuff was settled weeks ago, no need to bring it back up despite [Name redacted
by Moderator--Mod] and you desperately trying to do so. Just pointing out that all these "side folks with opinions" don't actually know the story closely enough to notice things that Greg did. There's a reason there are producers to handle these things.

mos6507 - I will always love Phase II and James, and will always be there when he needs something. He knows that. I can love it from a fan's perspective, though... I don't want to be back in the group that includes people like [Name redacted by Moderator--Mod] and JimTheBuilder who actively seek out to create drama and other nonsense.
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