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Re: TBBS Fanfic Recommendations

Note: All stories listed are incomplete Work In Progress documents.
[*] "Star Trek: Exeter"
After losing his son to the Totality, & his wife to poisoning, Kirk's reassigned to a Legacy-Class starship.
[*] "Star Trek: Mandela"
The Captain & Crew of a Legacy-Class starship -- assigned to humanitarian support of the decimated Cardassian homeworld -- discover a belligerant new Cardassian "Minutemen" regime whom have signed a deal with the 'Conspiracy' parasites.
[*] "Star Trek: Vonnegut"
The new adventures of Captain Morgan "Bulldog" Bateson.
[*] "Star Trek: Avalon"
A widow of the Dominion War is requested & required to assume command of a new starship exploring the boundaries of known space.
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