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Re: Phase II begins re-filming "Mind Sifter"

I apologize that [name redacted by Moderator--Mod] chose to come here and continue his obsessive vendetta which he has been sending to folks via pm and email. It doesn't belong here in public.

My only response is that he has no personal knowledge of my relationship with, nor was he involved in the discussions with Mr. Cawley concerning the Mind Sifter episode and what script would be used...despite his quoting pieces of later conversations.

Only other comments:

Crusso wrote: View Post
You wrote this:
A brand new script was written by Rick Chambers - it wasn't "reworked".

Yet you continually claim that they plagiarized your script despite public and private assurances that they did not. Did you read what you yourself wrote just in the quote made by you above?
Yeah, if you READ the thread that statement by me is the one that Mr. Schnitzer disputed by stating I was wrong...hence leading to my discussion with the producers in private.

Please keep this stuff private and stop the stalking...or I'll be forced to file a slander suit.

And I am not the only one that posts "FYI about Phase II" posts here - just the only person you have problems with. If you guys posted your own stuff here we wouldn't be inclined to share with others. There are a lot of people who don't do FaceBook.

To doubleohfive: I am not a liar. And I also post on other threads for other productions I don't work for any longer...why don't you spread your personal attacks around instead of just here.

Crusso wrote: View Post

You claim to be best friends with James yet he often calls you out for basically making his life miserable.

"Patty, I am the one who told you that I was not filming your script, not the other way around after you publicly posted here on the BBS, that you had to do a rewrite to make the story better fit Brian Gross and his acting style, because you wrote it for mine, Lol. A rewrite which i did not ask for or want. Your need to bicker is quite literally unbelievable.

Our version is not your script and is based on both the published and un published versions, although it leans more to the published version."

You claim you no longer work for the production yet for some reason feel obliged to keep insinuating your self into production matters/updates under the guise of "just sharing". However, that may be construed as stalking.

June 23, 2014 post #1
"No, Kieth. I'm not "back working for Phase II again"....just sharing for other folks that might be interested as I didn't see anyone else share the info here."

Really? There is an entire FB forum devoted to P2 where people can go for info.

You are not the publicist for P2. Why do you continue to make it your "crusade" to "share" and then start debates?
You've stated that you left P2 on amicable terms yet post things like this:

"If I was "working again" there'd be a lot more accuracy to the shots above...but that's probably one of the reasons it would be inconvenient to have me working again."

You post FB posts that were removed from the site by James Cawley. Why would you do that? If Cawley removed a post, he didn't want it broadcast. Why would you deliberately do something that goes against the wishes of a friend?
What's even more troubling is that you have instant access to all of these "deleted posts". You seem to have saved every single post ever made on FB by any member of the production team or P2.

And you talk about yourself In the third person!

"Well, then, Mr. Schnitzer, Phase II has a HUGE issue to deal with. Ms. Patty Wright withdrew all rights to the original script and all material contained within it. Phase II was told, bluntly, that they could not use anything contained in the script - which is registered with the WGA, and, therefore, anything used from it can be proven. Ms. Patty Wright was assured that Mr. Rick Chambers went back to the original story and did not even have access to Ms. Wright's script."

You post patently false information:

"They are completely refilming the episode because James decided he'd rather start over from scratch than to have me participate in finishing the filming of my script."

James has stated over and over again that they re filmed because he stepped down as Kirk and put in Brian Gross.

You wrote this:
A brand new script was written by Rick Chambers - it wasn't "reworked".

Yet you continually claim that they plagiarized your script despite public and private assurances that they did not. Did you read what you yourself wrote just in the quote made by you above?

You claim that talking about P2 brings you stress and exacerbates your health issues yet you continually start posts about P2 and even reach out to current and former P2 personnel to try and drag them into mudslinging about others. If something in my life brought me such stress as you claim I wouldn't keep putting myself into the middle of it.

From James himself:

"You need to move on and start enjoying your life instead of endlessly living in eternal drama and trying to start a crisis. It is exactly this type of ridiculous nonsense that has alienated you from so many people, and makes me scratch my head. I do wish you well, but you make even that hard with this type of behavior."

Patty, do yourself and everyone else a favor - get over it! Walk away!

You claim to be a mental health professional, maybe it's time to take a good long look in the mirror and for your own sanity, walk away from anything P2 related.

As far as your claim of selling a script to Chico and all those who say you are lying.... Well, I really hope it's true. Even if just in your version of reality. Because it seems to be the one thing in your life that was actually a good thing. You need to get on with your life and make other good things happen.
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